Graphic Designing

Graphic Designing

Graphic designs represent the nature of the website/business/ organization. But the growing complexity of imparting Graphic Designing services is increasing day by day. Free your hassles in the management of your Graphic designing operations with OGI Technologies Graphic design consultants. Well-versed in the interior, graphic, and fashion designing our consultants guide your expert graphic designers in the development of products, creating interior spaces, building prototypes, or assisting in the development of newer designs. With proper knowledge of customer or client needs, our consultants work side-by-side with architects, oversee the layout of graphic arts projects, and choose appropriate fashion themes.


The success of design consultants is decided by how they can exhibit strong creative, communication, and organizational skills. With detailed and goal-oriented perspectives, our design consultants work with your teams exclusively. Combining diverse individuals, our consultants apply their deep awareness over, time management and budget concepts we ensure your graphic designing projects to be a grand positive return. Acknowledged with all sales processes, spurring enthusiastic personality, and competitively spirited our design consultants will also look on to choosing layouts or accessories for interior designers, graphics during website designing, guidance over interior set up, and designing of color themes, fabrics, and other aspects of fashion designs.


To combine various tools for completing assigned tasks, our design consultants have competent knowledge over the following:


  • AutoCAD software knowledge over computer-assisted design (CAD) software
  • Graphic design software and technologies
  • Expertise in Adobe and Photoshop
  • Basic computer applications
  • Knowledge over spreadsheet development and Microsoft Office applications, such as Excel and Outlook


Our Design consultants drive direct marketing processes properly blending software applications for crafting interior space or clothing designs. Compatible to consult a variety of industries, such as retail stores, interior design companies, or graphic design firms we commit to several tasks as per the following:

Prototypes or Drawings

Our design consultants alongside your graphic designers will develop prototypes or drawings of fashion designs, interior layouts, websites, advertising materials, industrial models, and other representations to infer clients or customers with insights into what the finished product will look like. For achieving these tasks, or consultants make use of high-end digital design software, blueprints, and other tools for best-in-class resultant operations.

Improvement over Prototypes

We are not always demanded to develop newer products or spaces. Some instances come with customer requirements of re-designing existing interior settings, fashions, or graphics for improvement over existing designs. Working closely with an in-house team of architects, interior designers, fashion designers, webmasters, and other professionals we direct suggestions and upgrade current designs as per client requests.

Evaluation of client requirements

Irrespective of the niche in which we are working- fashion, graphic, industrial, or interior design, our design consultants thoroughly examine the client or customer requirements. Typically reviewing factors as interior space, target audiences, website layouts, and other aspects our consultants guide your graphic designers to craft resultant designs parallel to client/customer specifications. With 10+ years of consulting experience, we assign our experts for our clients based on experience, and clientele nature. We cater to technical expertise through a variety of mediums. The first step to crafting such projects is delivering what the clients demand. Apart from the main designing competencies, we will attend to:

  • Determination of print and software materials
  • Choosing the sizing and color
  • Identifying appropriate typography
  • Creating designs
  • Blending computer software for overall compilation
  • Suggesting improvements for meeting client expectations
  • Revision over finished products

Why choose OGI Technologies consultants to guide your Graphic design operations?

  • 10+ years of experience in Graphic design consultancy
  • Immersive website functions for websites & software applications with required functionality
  • Confidence over client business investors for successful business growth with the use of leading applications such as Magento (eCommerce and storefronts), WordPress (blog and small business), and Joomla (portals and enterprise websites).
  • The benefit of having marketing tools, conversion optimization tools, database functionality, and much more.
  • Cutting edge responsive design websites programmed in required platforms
  • Website navigation for the end-users for nurturing maximum positive user experience.
  • CMS application systems that allow clients to manage operations and their website
  • Leading Software Applications technology which makes room for the deployment of customized software applications
  • Distinctiveness from the competition with quality website design services that develop customized online solutions and websites.
  • Scalable website architecture with creative website development that supports businesses for scalability, volume, and growth
  • Reliable Hosting Solution with configured and completely set up the server and hosting solutions for clients.

Why outsource Graphic Design service requirements to an ideal Graphic designing consultant?

  • Showcase of brand personality with optimum marketing efforts for products/services with suitable imagery, colors, and fonts
  • Lasting impressions over potential customers encouraging second thoughts to commitment to brands
  • Garnering of professional reputations to appropriate tools & programs for high-quality images
  • Giving in-house employees unhindered focus over critical competencies with healthy brand identity
  •  Saving time, as graphic design professionals are always accurate on their choice and mode of work
  •  The expertise of graphic designers at flexible prices
  •  Optimum viewer interaction and influence in purchasing decisions
  • Higher web rankings with unique, relevant, and high-quality services


Our leading consultants truly understand how each organization possesses its distinctive requirements. Guiding experts to design and develop to satisfy these requirements at a much reasonable expenditure irrespective of your business size or revenue. Make your brand/product capture interests with pictorial representations that enhance your brand identity. Showcase the uniqueness and value of businesses with the competency of your graphic designers and OGI Technologies consultant guidance. Team your businesses with OGI IT Graphic designing consultants and receive the best and expect nothing less.