BPO Services

BPO Services

Make feel clients as 'Kings' by partnering with OGI Technologies 24/7 BPO Support Services. Today's digitally varying market demands businesses to have elusive traditional revenue sources that drive sustainable business growth. This requires an innovative operating model designed around the client and driven with intelligence for delivering exceptional experiences and business outcomes. Such operating models take advantage of newer and innovative technologies ranging from artificial intelligence, distributed ledger technology, and quantum computation for ensuring efficiency over business processes and models. OGI Technologies BPO Support Operations revolutionizes human-machine operating platforms synthesizing the optimal blend of people, process, and technology. Assisting clients in rewiring IT organizations with a well-connected operating model, businesses can deliver best-in-class customer experiences and optimum collaboration between internal and external partners for driving successful and sustainable growth.


Following are the BPO Services we at OGI Technologies cater to: 


Intelligent Finance Operations

Helping companies transform from transactional to strategic organizations through intelligent operations. Our experts analyze, study, and rework finance operations from a transactional service to a strategic asset with a well data-driven, intelligent operating model.


How Our intelligent Finance Operations benefit your businesses?


1.Increase in operational efficiency

Streamlining the accounting process we deliver excellent customer experiences with timely invoices, payments, and reports. Touchless processing not only maximizes operational efficiency but also cuts down on operating costs and day sales outstanding.


2. Predictive and proactive Finance

Make much more informed decisions with informed real-time insights and intelligence. With dynamic real-time scenario planning, continuous close, and on-demand reporting, businesses can decrease their close time cycle of delivering reports and maximize reporting.


3. Improved liquidity management

Ensure effective bank account management, cash management, cash forecasting, cash positioning, hedge accounting, and treasury reporting for checking businesses to have increased cash collection, cash flow forecast accuracy, increased capital raise, and minimum days sales outstanding (DSO).


4.Mitigate risk and improve compliance

Automating transactions, minimizing manual touchpoints, and fully tapping ERP system capabilities, we advance controls and compliance. We benefit businesses with better balance sheet integrity in a shorter time. This approach also ensures accuracy in capital availability forecasts and optimum controls & compliance.

5.Future-ready business culture

With the combination of digital technologies, proven processes, and best-in-class industry talent for developing a less risk-averse culture that excels at seizing value. Scaling the innovation agenda helps businesses in nurturing a knowledge-based workforce. Businesses can also attract and retain talent with strategic acumen and skills which also automates transactional works.



We establish resilient business operations with the skillful harnessing of human and machine capabilities. Pandemic has caused disruptions making insurers experience catastrophic events that upend reliable risk models. Such events have left insurers exposed in many ways but also reveal opportunities for elevating business performance, ensuring cost savings with remote working models, and optimum application of cloud operations to increasing digital customer acquisitions. Intelligent insurance operations maximize accuracy in decisions, profitability, and efficiency gains. Through a data-driven operating model, we help businesses in connecting intelligent technologies, talent, data, and analytics for helping to stay ahead of the change and deliver sustainable growth. Transforming insurance operations into a cost-efficient and agile operating model, businesses can drive sustainable growth, quicken speed to market, and optimize back-office processing productivity.


How Our Insurance Operations benefit your businesses?


1. Improved User Experience

Re-defining customer experience, we develop personalized and digital customer interactions, unlocks customer value through data-driven insights, and shifts up to self-service.


2. Accelerated innovation agenda

Combination of intelligent technologies and insurance talent with high-end skills. Allocating appropriate resources at the ideal time also accentuates the effectiveness of decision-making.


3. Services that power change

Through human-machine operating platforms businesses can take leverages an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts - tailored for required business requirements.


4. Employee Benefits

Group and voluntary employee benefits ranging from actuarial services, quote and proposal, end-to-end administration, claims, absence, and customer service.

Sourcing and procurement

Data-driven insights help optimize business processes, increase efficiency and drive out more value. Assisting finance, supply chain, and Procurement turn procurement from an untapped strategic asset into a source of competitive advantage.


Following are the benefits of Sourcing and procurement services to your business:


1. Durable cost savings

Achieve cost savings across pricing, consumption, and inventory with time to time analysis of opportunities for reinvesting such savings across the business. This increases direct and indirect spend savings, SG&A, and COGS reduction.


2. Improved compliance and risk mitigation

Work side by side with us across finance, supply chain, and procurement turn procurement, businesses can get hold of a strategic asset and competitive advantage.


3. Efficient business decisions

Compiling real-time insights and intelligence, we guide businesses for informed decisions and merge all enterprise functions for maximizing value and lowering risk. Businesses can also tap into advanced technologies such as AI and centralize the procurement process, tools, and systems. 


4. Sustainable future

Ensuring sustainability throughout procurement operations we ensure a responsible supply chain, designed for hassle-less circularity and adapts to net-zero operations parallel with cost and business requirements. Maintaining responsible sourcing practices, our experts also drive efficient business models & ecosystems and helps in the achievement of carbon-neutral products, production & supply chains.


5. Workforce Inspiration

Reinforcing the workforce with the appropriate tools, skills, and confidence, businesses can excel in their operations and prepare themselves with the best-in-class workforce of the future. With improved decision-making with skillful leveraging of market intelligence, this approach can maximize productivity and find ideal resources for the right task.


6. Ready for the next

Businesses can not only develop and deliver a long-term vision for procurements with end-to-end visibility of data insights but also ensure continual innovation across technologies, processes, and people staying ahead of the curve. Increasing agility for organizations, they can respond and adapt to changing business requirements and maintain trust-based supplier ecosystems.


7. Informed business decisions

Informed business decisions and connection of all enterprise functions maximizing value whereas lowering risk. Combination of intelligent technologies and procurement talent we centralize the procurement process, tools, and systems.

8. Hassle-free future

Ensuring sustainability across procurement operations, our experts ensure supply chain, designed for circularity and supporting net-zero operations suitable with cost and business requirements. Checking responsibility of sourcing practices, we also drive the achievement of carbon-neutral products and production & supply chains.


9. Workforce Inspiration

Supporting business's workforce with tools, skills, and confidence, we help them excel in their duties. Maximizing productivity and guiding businesses for choosing the right task, our offerings nurture effectiveness and intelligent decision-making.


Compliance as a service

We help businesses ensure the achievement of compliances and risk management. Helping businesses to be in pace with regulatory and operational, our experts find the ideal combination of levers across the compliance landscape and help businesses meet expectations and budgetary constraints.


Following are the benefits of Compliance as a service to your business:


1.Compliance achievement

With improved customer experience, extensive reviewing, first-grade quality delivery, improved efficiency, and minimum costs, businesses can garner positive results.


2.Risk Management

Minimizing reputational damages and fines, we improve regulator relationships and trust among key stakeholders.


3. Strategic growth

Freeing resources to focus on achieving strategic objectives with the support of global, standardized, optimized, transparent, and compliant operations.


4.Reactive to strategic moving

The pressure developed with increased regulations and the widening gap between internal capabilities & external demands must be solved effectively. With tougher regulations, tighter budgets, and growing compliance businesses require proactive identification of newer risks and for supporting sustainable business growth. Reactive and strategic roles include risk management and enterprise-wide advisory services that will redesign operations for the future. Moving compliance-related functions to an intelligent operating model will enable businesses to keep up with cost-effective regulatory requirements, strategic guidance, and sustainable growth.



Reassure business sustainability with a transformative agile banking operating model.? Improving customer experience, lowering costs, and realizing the maximum value of digital banking we take banking operations to the next level. Transforming banking operations from reactive to productive, we enable businesses to embrace the ideal operating model. Our banking assistance transforms each retail and commercial banking service with the collaborative human-machine operating engine with the skillful application of an extensive collection of tools, technology, and experts.


With Credit Services, businesses can enhance customer experience and minimize the time for approving credit costs across origination, post-sales

collaterals and Pay / Non-Performing Loans.


Our Payment services mitigate risk fraud, cut down operating costs, and smoothen customer experience across domestic & foreign payments, credit & debit cards, other payments (checks, direct debit, etc.), and collections.


Improving time for onboarding and invigoration, our Core banking services will ensure data accuracy and compliance across Master data, bank account management, successions & garnishments, and cash & ATM management.


Helping businesses achieve compliance and keep pace with navigating operational and regulatory pressures, our compliance services focus on contract lifecycle management, LIBOR transition management, Know Your Customer (KYC), and Anti-Money Laundering (AML).


Following are the benefits of Banking assistance to your business:


1.Business sustainability


Making business banking much standard and agile, our banking assistance can free up the tension over valuable resources for focusing on more value-added activities, cutting up operational costs, and improve customer acquisition.


2.Resilient and high-quality offerings

Assisting businesses in the achievement of maximum loan compliance in retail lending, our resilient offerings will mitigate operational and boundaries risks and enhance compliance quality standards.


3.Ingenuine acceleration

Blending appropriate technologies and banking talent with high-end skills, we improve decision-making with ideal resource usage. Enhancing customer experience and satisfaction, we encourage businesses for shifting to a fully digital and streamlined operating model.


4.Optimized workforce

Encouraging businesses for focusing on employee development, we support newer approaches of working and innovative thinking. With the rise of profitability pressures, rising customer demands, and varying regulatory and competitive environments, and volatile norms, every business requires a competing digital operating model. Helping businesses face challenges and realize the optimum value of digital banking, we assist businesses in flexing fast to volatility, laying the foundation for a sustainable and resilient business. With our unique human & machine platform, we combine data, technology, and talent, for transforming operating models for delivering sustainable growth.


OGI's intelligent operating model can enable businesses in outmaneuvering uncertainty by the reinvention of cost structures, maximizing the customer experience and the pace of innovation.


Supply Chain

Revolutionize supply chain operations with us. We help businesses for developing data-driven operations for business resiliency and in navigating volatility aimed at success. Our supply chain business operations range from product design & engineering to manufacturing & after-sales. We bring together the optimal combination of skill, technology, data & insights, for the effective transformation of supply chains, driving robust outcomes through every link.


Following are the services that come under our Supply chain optimization services:



Optimization of product engineering for executing faster R&D cycles and higher ROI by digitization and streamlining of the product engineering process.



Maximum forecast accuracy and optimization inventory by the skillful transformation of supply and demand planning functions by aligning to market dynamics.



Assist in optimization of savings and total cost of ownership with our expertise and market insights for re-inventing business information and driving processes.



Assisting businesses in unlocking business value, we drive operational safety, efficiency & quality at scale. Transforming capital project planning and execution, we ensure budgets and timelines stay on track.



We help you lower transportation costs and deliver bespoke customer service by coordinating and operating a flexible, dynamic supply chain network with increased visibility.


We help to improve product reliability, quality, customer loyalty, predictability, and profitability of service revenue by integrating AI-powered as-a-service models to collect and analyze smart product information.


Transforming supply chains to resilient, predictive, and transparent businesses models will benefit businesses as below:


1.Cost Eradication

Driving up of Cost of Goods Sold savings, our supply chains will reduce warranty claims, warranty/spare parts repair costs, and logistics costs.


2.Revenue Growth

Increased faster time to market, forecast accuracy, product availability, and inventory turns


3.Enable real-time visibility

We ensure businesses maintain end-to-end connectedness, take insight-led decisions for developing customer-centric outcomes


4.Optimum Workforce productivity

Maximize agile human and machine workforce by shifting the allocation of work through automation at scale, for refocusing over talented people over critical operations that shape customer-centric products and experiences.


Supply chain leaders are under pressure to create more value for the business. Evolving customer expectations, increasing business complexities, and disruption to drive sustainable growth. Our Supply Chain Operations deliver processes and insights for scaling innovative experiences and value from supply chains. With the data-driven operating model, businesses can connect intelligent technologies, talent, and data and analytics for catering to real-time, actionable insights. This innovative model delivers richer customer experiences, boost profitability, and fuel sustained growth.


Sales & customer operations

Ensure sustainable breakthrough growth for businesses with transformed sales, marketing, and service operations. Our growth aimed platform exercises combined capabilities for aggregating millions of interaction points towards actionable insights driving optimum sales growth. Encouraging business organizations with appealing front office management, our experts rewire the engine to drive disruptive growth. Through sales, marketing, and service operations, we ensure hyper-relevant experiences to customers, irrespective of place or time. Encouraging clients for holistic execution of front office functions and unilateral lifecycle connected view of customer interactions right lead generation, conversion, to customer adoption, success, and retention. With human and mechanistic approaches we support sales and revenue leaders for expansion into areas previously unreachable. This also allows businesses for rapid experimentation, piloting, and execution of programs.

We activate and optimize first-grade customer experiences for delivering breakthrough, seamless and customer-centric marketing, sales, and support throughout the customer life cycle.


Following are the services that come under our Sales & customer operations services:


1.Inside Sales

Enriching customer leads generation and prioritization capabilities, our offerings improve customer acquisition and retention.

2.Ecosystem and channel optimization

Ensuring channel performance optimization and program compliance management with onboard and enable partners.

3.Sales enablement

Attending to master data management, trade promotion management, contract management, order management, configuring, pricing, and quoting, we enable chances of sales.

4.Customer adoption and success

Catering customer onboarding, adoption, and AI-powered customer care, we also ensure delivery of training, product enablement, and support, and upsell/cross-sell expansion.



Our generation of business marketing involves a technology-enabled, data-driven, and content-powered marketing approach. Aimed at harnessing positive customer experiences, we accelerate complexity, and cohesive brand experience while maintaining elusiveness. Assisting Chief Marketing Officers by activating, operating, and scaling marketing programs we help businesses realize the increased impact and marketing-led growth. Driving efficiency and effectiveness from marketing investments, we demonstrate both bottom-and top-line financial results. With ideal operating model businesses and anchor customers and drive intelligence for delivering best-in-class experiences throughout the enterprises.


With the intelligent operating model of a human-machine operating engine, we ensure businesses achieve breakthrough client experiences, tangible business results, and viable long-term growth. Our business process experts enable marketing departments to take a predictive and proactive mindset for accelerated innovation and revenue growth. With ample support from diverse data, advanced analytics, and intelligence, these approaches cut down costs and improve brand compliance. With the skill of digital innovation and marketing talent, we blend workforce and technology for content creation, campaign planning, activation, and personalized experiences.


Marketing Operations managed services include:

1.Content services

Development, amplification, and optimization of powerful digital content for content designs, dynamic content creation, content distribution, content management, and scaled analytics. Leveraging appropriate technology, businesses can check efficiency, minimum costs, and improved marketing ROI.


2.Digital marketing services

Optimizing customer engagement, loyalty, and brand value, our digital marketing practices check and optimize channel performance with data-driven planning, campaign personalization, digital asset management, execution & optimization, and performance dashboard management.


3.Programmatic digital media services

Enhance top & bottom-line results with the newly executed engine through planning activation and channel optimization, budget tracking, performance analytics, dynamic content creation, fraud prevention, verification, and viewability governance.


4.eCommerce services

Boost digital sales with enhanced product visibility, customer engagement, and traffic with our eCommerce services. Our offerings will attend to eContent creation & delivery, e-Catalog design & product evolution, eMarketing activation, client training, eStore set-up & optimization and digital sales analytics.


Talent and HR

Revitalize employee experience and retention with innovative workforce operating models, with our Talent and HR assistance. Businesses must reshape their employee experience for attracting and retaining top professionals. Guiding the workforce in cultivating innovation and anticipating requirements with creative and engaging solutions, our Talent and HR Operations services help business outcomes with tailored solutions along with data & analytics, artificial intelligence, and consumer-centric digital channels. All such efforts will improve retention, garner productivity, increase employee satisfaction and minimize overall costs.

By maintaining a multi-layered acquisition approach, businesses can secure the talent for future requirements. With result-oriented talent acquisition strategies, businesses can engage with candidates throughout the entire life cycle right from application to hire to onboard.


Following are the Talent and HR Services we deliver:


1.Talent acquisition

The application of artificial intelligence and predictive analytics accelerates time-to-hire, improves employee performance, and maximizes retention.


2.Talent development

Developing talent of the future, we support business organizations with prioritized learning, refined content strategy, and measurement of ROI.


3.Employee and HR services

Implementing effective delivery models and incorporating intelligent automation transforms talent management approaches and HR administration.


With varying demographics, businesses can maximize work performance and transform Human Resource services as newer technologies open up newer opportunities for HR operations. This enhances the workforce experience for attraction, engagement, and retainment of talent. Guiding Talent and HR leaders for maximizing workforce performance, transform HR for delivering new levels of business value. Our consumer-inspired experiences are driven by technology, digital engagement, and analytic insights for outmaneuvering uncertainty, maximize investments, boosts growth and consumer experiences.



Improve patient outcomes, control costs, increase consumer & provider engagement. We help payers, providers, and government agencies for nurturing growth and improving patient outcomes. We drive business breakthrough growth with a skillful combination of extensive healthcare delivery experience, subject matter expertise, analytics, automation, artificial intelligence, and innovative talent. Assisting clients in growing revenue with cost optimization, minimum dependency on legacy systems, and enhanced ability, our offerings reallocate savings for care management to maximize outcomes. Embedding digital transformation throughout the healthcare operations, we drive superior outcomes and value realization, streamlining operations for serving all business requirements.


Our healthcare BPO services are as follows:


1.Claim Services

Recognizing handling of claims for clients and we place the highest emphasis on the claims service we cater to. Carefully recruiting, our claims department works in close partnership with our client's insurance and risk management team. Addressing each phase of the insurance claim management process, our experts collect all adequate information and assistance for enabling policy-holder to claim to report with efficient claim filing, operational fraud detection, and all required prevention measures. With transparent claim assessment and processing, claim settlement, complaint and dispute settlement methodologies, and appropriate supervision of claims-related services. Our team ensures every claim to be settled fairly and quickly, irrespective of nature.


2.Membership Services

With proactive management, we reduce enrollment turnaround time and maximizes predictability with quote-to-card processes.


3.Provider Services

Ensuring smooth relationships and improving compliance, we improve data accuracy, reduce turnaround time & pending claims volume.


4.Utilization Management

With prior authorization intake, clinical claim reviewing, and appeals support, our Utilization Management services enable businesses in delivering consumer and provider engagement and improved health outcomes through prior authorization intake, clinical claim review, and appeals support.


5.Population Health

With services that span across health risk assessments, outreach, program enrollment, and referrals, our population health attends to patient support service, and care coordination quality review requirements.


6.Care Value

Improves patient outcomes with education & support for addressing faults in care and medical record services.


Virtual tours

Benefit from our 360-degree virtual tour services by assuring business continuity and agility throughout business operations for changing business requirements and rising market opportunities. Irrespective of industry, function, and geography affected by the pandemic, businesses can find newer ways for effective management of business operations. With intelligent operations centers, we can equip ourselves and our highly skilled professionals for driving businesses toward transformation, drive growth value, and realize newer growth with unmatched speed and scale.


We at OGI Technologies BPO consultation Services, innovation drives businesses with passion. Our belief revolves around the affluence of outsourcing for the BPO industry. Growing one's businesses with the acquirement of newer customers, older customer retention, and excellent customer service, businesses can benefit from a winning formula that pays all dividends. OGI Technologies BPO consultation caters to a diverse range of services ranging from garnering potential customers, Data management, troubleshooting technical problems, and administration issues. OGI's spectrum of peripheral BPO activities is aimed at taking business ahead, fusing manpower, technology, research, and analytics. Businesses can contact us for their requirements right away.