Startup Support Services

Startup Support Services

Do you wish to launch your business? Stay tuned to shoulder a vast amount of responsibilities and give up a lot of expectations too. Enliven your passion for starting and growing a start-up, with OGI Technologies start-up consultancy services. The early stage of start-up setup is hard, yet the challenges you face now decide the fate of your business. Certain challenges ranging from planning, finding the right talent to time management demands cross-functional guidance with skill & experience. OGI Technologies consultants will save time & capital and thus empower start-ups in crafting winning products and market them successfully.

With 10+ years of experience working side-by-side with start-ups, we are well versed in addressing problems that arise during the early stages of start-up setup. We at OGI Technologies, offer a wide assortment of business start-up consulting services for businesses from different sectors around the world. Our offering covers financial strategy, risk management, and organizational setups, and others too. Benefiting from our comprehensive packages, we can serve you before, after, and during the service delivery.

With an unerring dedication to your start-up business, our well-experienced and skilled professional consultants offer the expertise in combining diverse entrepreneurial experiences & real business insights for practical solutions. Financial experts recommend start-ups seek guidance from Business consultants for smoothly starting their business. We directly work side-by-side with each client and guide them in identifying the most critical procedures. With appropriate solutions, we help businesses in driving hassle-free execution. Answerable for every question from the client-side, we assure greater returns on investment accordingly.

Committed to safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of clients, we follow strict standards while handling client's information for ensuring hassle-free importance to its safety and security. Incorporating high-end technology for delivering services, OGI Technologies uses cloud-based information management and reporting systems. This model not only allows clients to give local management ownership of operations but central finance staff for retaining overall control.

Partner with us and benefit from high-quality consultants at the most affordable price range. This also allows businesses and start-ups to focus on their core competencies. Adopting best practices and ensuring optimum accuracy, we assure businesses to cut down their committed operation costs and still scale up and down their operations.

How do businesses benefit from early consulting?

Gain assistance in your start-up operations with consultancy offerings:

Business Registration

Our business registration consultant assists start-ups with Private Limited Company registration, LLP registration, Partnership registration, and Proprietorship registration. Working side-by-side with start-ups, we help them in choosing the right form of business registrations. The type of requirement is chosen as per business requirement, taxation impact on the registration, future expansion plan, and ownership structure. To execute these phases successfully start-ups should have a comprehensive understanding of structure and registration. Otherwise, it may result in tensions from unnecessary and unwanted statutory compliances only restricted to certain kinds of business. Clearly studying the past, present, and future business plan, our consultant's guide which form of entity registration to choose from.

This pure client-focused service is never bothered by immediate benefit and thus maintains a high ethical standard. Our registration consultants will help you with all statutory registration, license, and permissions necessary for starting a business. Supporting clients to operate business set-up, we register it with various tax, labor, and other authorities. Fully equipped to provide services for registration with various authorities immediately after setting up your company, we also help our clients ready to operate business setup within the shortest possible time frame.

Accounting and book-keeping services

With detailed knowledge of accounting and bookkeeping operations, our consultants identify definitive business insights. These insights will guide start-ups while taking critical financial decisions that decide the company's future. Much before working with in-house bookkeepers, we will help to re-design your accounting processes and procedures for better efficiency. Working in conjunction with in-house bookkeepers we make sure all accounting data are accurate and also give you a proper understanding of various reports. Our Accounting consultants support start-ups with several tasks related to accounting services such as financial forecasting, analyzing financial statements, determining the profitability of the business, analyzing accounts payable, and identifying ways for saving money.

IT Infrastructure

With a thorough determination of the current state of the start-up, our highly skilled experts will guide the determination of the current state of the company. Assisting in the development of an IT strategy our consultants will make businesses realize newer opportunities for their business. Our IT Infrastructure Consulting Services involves the following:

  • Technical auditing of IT infrastructure for general recommendations regarding inventory and compliance with industry standards
  • Auditing of IT infrastructure management processes
  • High-level architecture development of IT infrastructure
  • Development of solution design for optimizing IT infrastructure
  • Optimization of IT infrastructure management processes

With expertise assessment of each start-up's IT infrastructure, we help them with a clear-cut plan over the budget requirements for IT development. This will enable us for assessing or predicting the overall outcomes that drive implementation of the solution and set priorities for custom IT projects.

Infrastructure services

Ensuring the financial fundamentals of your start-up's infrastructure, our consultants will clarify all expectations and operational requirements required for setting a target price for the project. Helping start-ups with suggestions over the location of the operational office or data centers, we will study extensively the cost impacts of other alternatives for preventing all unreasonable expenses. Linking cost engineering to each of our supervising operations over-furnishing, electrification, etc we will manage the finances throughout the project. This will benefit start-ups with real-time information on the factors that influence the overall infrastructure expenditure.

Our consultants also monitor each client's Business cycle and global economic trends for accurate forecasting. With accurate forecasting reports, we will also be able to draw a series of measures required for start-ups to follow. Analyzing maintenance and other infrastructure-related expenses we also maximize transparency of the financial operations for effective decision making. Guiding start-ups with the right technical and business assistance, we assist start-ups to jump straight into comprehensive operations that drive optimum business results and reduced operating costs. Our IT Infrastructure consulting services enable design organizations, build, run and manage a scalable, flexible and reliable infrastructure. Businesses can not only reduce the overall infrastructure setup costs but also facilitate focusing on strategic initiatives and business transformation. Well experienced in partnering with 100+ start-ups, our consultants are well-acknowledged over challenges of newer start-ups that need effective optimization by the use of business resources for driving growth. We also give ample guidance for setting up IT infrastructure and systems helping start-ups cut the high costs of initial capital expenses. With highly reliable and flexible solutions, we will offer an extensive range of capabilities.

Why Start-ups should have support from ideal Consultants?

  • A better understanding of the early stages of forming a business and venture.
  • Faster expertise with the advantage of getting into the next phase quicker.
  • Avoid costly mistakes and optimize time with result-oriented advice.
  • Focus on vital elements of the newly formed enterprise.
  • An uncompromised focus over long-term business vision and goals.
  • Assistance throughout analysis, statistics, and strategy to plan critical steps
  • Advice over the legal structure for businesses over sole proprietor, corporation, LLC, and the pros and cons of it.
  • Execution of multiple operations simultaneously at early stages of business
  • Guidance over vendor selection for executing critical phases for starting a business
  • Maximum productivity & effectiveness with access to the right information
  • Improved client skill and knowledge set
  • Scaling up and down over the utilization of consultants
  • Better confidence and resultant business data presentation for investors

Benefits of Partnering with us:

  • 10+ years of experience.
  • Minimum Operational and Capital expenses
  • Maximum protection over vital business information with secure data center
  • Effective IT architecture for optimum performance
  • 24/7 support with quick solutions
  • Minimum capital expenditure and fixed IT services budget

OGI Technologies start-up support services will study extensively to have a thorough understanding of cash flows, marketing performance, sales results, profit drivers, and the start-up business's competitive landscape. Determining IT capabilities and experience, we align business objectives with IT scenarios for driving optimum value out of your IT infrastructure. Helping start-ups win in the domain of technology our offerings involve understanding the challenges start-up companies face periodically. Working side-by-side with IT staffs we assist start-ups in the achievement of business objectives. Taking care of management over infrastructure, we let start-ups focus on core business operations driving optimum results. Ping us right away for your requirements.