IT Consulting Services

IT Consulting Services

It's quite normal how businesses or IT organizations end up with increasing costs and improper project scheduling that 'should' have been foreseen much earlier. OGI Technologies consulting services provide consulting for helping your IT businesses to improve performance and efficiency to your expectation. Analyzing businesses at every phase we create solutions while supporting companies in reaching their goals. With 10+ years of experience in partnering with IT leaders around the globe irrespective of their size and revenue, we are committed to innovating IT business platforms and help each client to realize their vision.      

Effectively transforming or evolving customer capabilities with required talent or skilled professionals, we also give ample support in helping organizations improving their business performance with guidance over operations, profitability, management, structure, and strategy. Our seamless global systems delivery platform is flexible to suit any niche of IT planning, building, and operation of technology solutions.

Unlike other consultancy service providers, our recommendations won't leave you figuring out the implementation and management of newer technologies and talents without support. Instead, we join hands with IT companies to equipping them for better results. With a thorough focus on your business goals, we ensure security over every operation syncing networks, cloud, data & applications to unison.  

Rely on OGI Technologies' single point of contact for all your IT requirements. Through result-oriented frameworks, our custom operations eliminate variability and ensure consistent success. Partner with us for scaling up solutions as per your requirements and drive your IT journey to digital transformation. Experience the simplicity and strategic advantage of our offerings stated below.


OUR OGI Technologies consulting services comprise of:


  • IT Strategy and Planning

Our IT strategy and planning services are flexible to get competitive over any market places. Updating all your IT business parallel with technological trends we upgrade your operations for maximum revenue possible. Guiding CIOs for devising business strategies, we establish a proper IT vision and roadmap. Defining the principles of the operation models, we review organizational strategies with all regulations and the feasible technology. Identifying and specifying the structural changes we organize a well-structured plan that drives more growth & agility during digital transformation. We are well aware of how IT strategy can shape itself as a foundation stone from which businesses can grow. Through a clear and strategic IT roadmap with suitable business priorities directly related to business goals, we can undertake the best results.

  • IT Service Management Assessment

With comprehensive study and analysis of current processes of businesses and product/service maturity, our IT service management services will identify all scopes of improvement and further documentation. The assessment service management guides businesses in taking effective decisions over process development, modifications, or process adoption. Updating or re-engineering business processes we improve change management, Service-level management, release management, Capacity Management, Security management, Project management, Incident management, Problem management, Configuration management, Service desk management. These services also simplify overall operations by eliminating all unnecessary and redundant tasks. With the identification and addressing of recurring problems, our service assessment management improves service availability. These also reduce time-to-market by optimizing project management and delivery processes.

  • Business Processes and Cost Optimization

Our business process and cost estimation services focus on optimizing business and technology costs. Even though sales and capitalizing on opportunities is critical for selling good or services, businesses should also give importance to the optimization of business. Our specialists will streamline business processes and maximize the capabilities of employees. With extensively experienced professionals & high-end tools, we transform client’s businesses, with key insights. Our IT cost optimization processes identify and take advantage of the opportunities to ensure businesses reach optimum efficiency. Analyzing spending, researching existing licensing contracts, our professionals also review technology usage. At every phase, our offerings study data capture scenarios and search for opportunities that streamline the overall business process. Our business processes and cost estimation services will thus improve workflow and automate consumption. Challenge your business to think differently about your technology and partner with us for the same.

  • Risk Management

Improve the quality of project management practices and governance with guidance over investing final delivery of project outcomes. Smoothening interaction between stakeholders and sponsors our result management services support realistic approaches, plans, and accurate project estimation. Businesses/Organizations should consider their risk management maturity, processes, methodologies, organization, culture, technologies, and oversight structures while implementation of risk management practices. Partner with OGIT effective implementation and/or upgrading of risk management models. With structured approaches, we implement and improve Risk Management practices for successful implementation.  With result-oriented approaches, our revenue management best practices shorten your time to value realization and increasing the longer-term return in your investment.

  • Program and Project Management

Articulating your goals and objectives of programs or projects, our program managers will map out and define a list of must-do steps for attaining an overall goal par excellence. Focusing on strategy and implementation, we delegate projects appropriately by managing the operations of individual roles. Our product managers also coordinate time, budget, and resources. Assigning tasks to your workforce we also update businesses on the progress and changes from the initial project plan. With tactical program management approaches, we give uncompromised focus on deciding factors of the project such as deadlines, staying within budget, and completing deliverables.


IT Leadership Services

Our leadership support services manage an IT organization’s overall performance. Whatever complexity is involved over the endeavor of your management operations, our leadership support defines, executes, and realizes a comprehensive IT strategy. Our comprehensive IT Leadership Services are supported by senior-level IT professionals with a sound technical background across a broad range of IT platforms and technologies. Assisting IT businesses to adopt appropriate technology that matches with the business objectives effectively, we allow them to take full advantage of our experience operating in diverse IT environments. Guiding, leading, or managing as per client requirements 24/7 our IT experts redesign systems eliminating all pitfalls for smooth execution. We not just manage networks and IT infrastructure but also provide a detailed analysis and set of recommendations that drive the achievement of business goals. Assessing & identifying essential business factors we help clients design strategies for simplifying their tech environment, leading to a more cost-effective, better performing, and reliable IT infrastructure.

Why outsource IT consulting services to an ideal service provider?

  • Proper business focus and staff concentrating solely on products/services and their delivery.
  • Talented IT engineers well versed with a broad range of IT skills
  • Development of agile IT environments that empowers in faster expansion and quick growth
  • Eliminate the chance of wasted expenses over software and hardware as it needs maintenance, upgrading, and replacement.
  • Saving of time over patching, upgrades, and maintenance
  • Expert skilled services over network connectivity, security, backup, disaster recovery, database administration, etc
  • Minimum IT costs by effective management of business cycles with IT infrastructure accordingly. 
  • Reduction of capital costs and operating budgets.
  • Maximum valuation of businesses focused on products, innovation, and marketing, not just IT infrastructure.

Benefits of Partnering with us:

  • 10+ years of experience
  • Minimum Operational and Capital expenses
  • Secure access over critical information irrespective of the device
  • Maximum protection over vital business information with secure data centers
  •  Effective IT architecture for optimum performance
  • 24/7 IT consulting service provider with quick solutions
  • Minimum capital expenditure and fixed IT services budget
  • Elimination of hassles over hiring and maintenance

The bright minds at OGI Technologies combine expertise and deep technical background for devising an efficient IT strategy for a digital and technological transformation of IT companies. Automating and digitalizing IT operations, well also optimize software portfolios with the implementation of high-end technologies. With 10+ years of experience, OGI Technologies is ready to share shoulders with IT organizations of different scales and structures. Through well-crafted effective approaches, our IT consulting offerings enable clients in delivering maximum benefit in the shortest time. Contact us for your IT consultation service requirements today itself!