Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The digital world is evolving! Power your business towards newer technologies with guidance from OGI Technologies Digital Marketing consulting services. With newer platform choices such as reviews, social media, price comparison sites, brand websites, and eCommerce portals, OGI always is keen on identifying them. OGI Technologies Digital Marketing Consulting services improve marketing efforts over digital channels especially the internet, mobile, and other digital mediums. Fetching increased leads, sales, and revenue, our 10+ years of experienced consultant services ensure optimum result fetching online marketing campaigns.

Revolutionizing businesses, our newer breed of digital marketing avoids TV advertisement spots and print ads, to websites, online video, social media, and Google helping businesses realize the reach towards prospective audiences. Finding prospective customers, our efforts are channeled to convert online customers into fruitful business results. Our experienced consultants who are well versed with digital marketing are driven by the belief of the official business website to be a critical marketing asset. Attracting potential or loyal customers with 24/7 online sales representative interaction at a single click, we nurture trustworthiness over brands.   

Ease! OGI Technologies consultants are here to help you. With the skillful development of online marketing strategies, we ensure every step for attracting qualified customers to your website, convert those visitors into leads, and thereby sales. We implement proper communication with your in-house team of savvy digital marketers, specialist writers, graphic designers, and programmers for making them competent in developing well-customized, evocative communication with your loyal as well as soon-to-be customers. Bestowing business brands for effective client engagement, we support businesses in educating business audiences from digital communities.

Why businesses should consult their digital marketing services?

  • Maximum productivity and effectiveness of a business, with effective access to the right information, knowledge, and help.
  • Assistance over both small and large operations for prospering even during weak economic conditions.
  • Competitiveness and profitability within the desired budget addressing specific areas through expertise
  • Fresh perspective over businesses to get businesses recover from bad scenarios
  • Updated with all business trends for giving client advice on opportunities
  • Effective evaluation of the status of organizations for designing apt solutions
  • Improve client skill-sets with proper training and optimization of their knowledge and skills
  • Accelerated change with efficient change management
  • Analyzing and improvement of business operations for nurturing efficiency
  • More development opportunities with combined consultation
  • Achievement of long term business benefits
  • Assistance over growing phases for businesses
  • Instant delivery of specific skills

Your search for ideal consultant guidance over an ideal digital marketing service provider ends here. Dive in to know how our consultant services can represent your business with specializing influence over your digital marketing campaigns:

Search Engine Optimization

Stop losing business to your competitors, with a well strengthened online presence. Our SEO consulting services supports your search engine optimization efforts by helping your website reach ranking and traffic goals. With detailed and customized SEO recommendations, SEO implementation guidance and monitoring, B2B and B2C eCommerce, and lead generation, our consultants help businesses grow on Google.

Our SEO consultants have a thorough knowledge of how websites can achieve top rankings, increased traffic, and more conversions. Our assistance infers businesses in gaining an understanding of how to identify the best search engine optimization opportunities, design plans for implementation, and a drive your businesses to success. Supporting in-house SEO professionals in identifying suitable keywords and setting up a vet list, we analyze each client business models extensively. Compliant with all current SEO guidelines and search engine algorithms, we guide your operations in driving optimization of web pages for optimum organic traffic.

Social Media Optimization

Our consultants utilize the full reach of social media platforms for business marketing. Guiding in-house SMO specialists with winning content and relevant keywords, we utilize the full extent of your brand's social media platforms. With the appropriate set of contents, your SMO operations will fetch traffic from sources other than search engines. Attract countless contemporary tech-savvy social media users for increasing brand recognition like never before.

Email Marketing

Profit from our specialist experience over consulting in business email marketing gained over more than 10 years. Our Email marketing consultants will improve email marketing, increase revenue and grow online results. Encompassing leadership over email marketing program, our consultants will increase the intelligence of online marketing, boost responses and revenue. Growing customer response and revenue through well-evolved and better email strategies, we promote business products/services by building a connection with audiences and customer professionals through interactive and winning sales pitches. Developing a single-to-many e-mail communication channel we thus connect customers and prospects. This cost-effective option of digital marketing enables businesses to reach, engage, and retain their customers. Ensuring to send the right email to the right audiences at the right time, our consultancy will provide effective email marketing campaigns.

Content Writing/SEO Copywriting

With a comprehensive understanding of a specific market, our experts know what type of content should be included in your websites and blogs for getting optimum mass attention. To ensure the best-in-class results it demands suitable content strategies. Our content strategists/consultants formulate result assured content strategies. Providing a complete analysis of existing content we also give appropriate suggestions for streamlining existing content. With extensive study of the business and the target audiences, our consultants will compile keywords and search terms. We also prepare a list of titles and topics to which your in-house content writers should give more focus. Thus our consultants guide your content writers in developing quality content for websites, blogs, and social media profiles. By identifying appropriate channels for promoting, we can thus increase visibility and craft appropriate content as per your requirement. Consulting is critical for SEO copywriting or content writing and in turn search-engine optimization campaigns for generating traffic to blogs, eCommerce, news sites, or service pages.

Pay per Click Services

Flexible for organizations of all sizes our PPC consulting services focus on creating scalable and manageable campaigns. Well trained on management and optimization our pay-per-click experts integrate search engine marketing into a larger internet marketing plan. With proper evaluation, we expose strengths and all opportunities for business improvement. Promoting websites on Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Advertising or Bing Ads, etc, our consultants also manage budgets/bids and optimize all operations for higher performance and higher quality. Our PPC Professionals also reduce expenses and promote targeted messages to varied user segments. We thus generate business leads at the lowest cost per acquisition for increased brand value & overall ROI. Properly tracking Google Ad-Words pay-per-click campaigns we also examine campaign structure, geo-targeting, ad text, landing pages, and conversion statistics for maximum optimization.

Display Advertising (Banner Ad)

We offer display advertising consulting services assisting businesses in determining whether and how they should design their campaigns. Guiding your company's internal display advertising specialists, we drive execution and evaluation of the overall effectiveness of campaigns. Through a customized approach, our comprehensive consulting services will audit the campaigns based on account settings, campaign structure, ad group structure, keyword, ad text, destination pages, results tracking, display network effectiveness, etc.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves advertising through websites with proper consent from affiliates (website owners). Collaborating with affiliate networks our consultants track and register clicks and sales coming from affiliates. Businesses are bound to pay only for approved leads or sales but not for rejected or returned ones. Our consultants assist you by taking part in verifications, drawing up guidelines for affiliates, carrying out checks for fraud, and expand your affiliate campaigns with the recruitment of newer affiliates.

Web Analytics and Reporting Services

Our consultants lead Google Analytics reporting, monitoring & analysis, for identifying any previously unexplored opportunities and helps clients in maintaining an accurate analytical dashboard. With a wide range of web analytics tools and software platforms, our web analytics consultants track, monitor, analyze and report against digital marketing campaigns. Delivering detailed and strategic monthly analytics reports, we provide stand-alone web analytics reporting for clients. Our broad range of Google Analytics consulting services range from the provision of a single bespoke analytics report to regular, and highly detailed, analytics reports which are focused on a varied range of relevant statistical marketing data. Our Analytics consulting services involve the set-up of Google Analytics, Google Tag Management, goal funnels, events, eCommerce, and cross-domain tracking for efficient reporting, data filtering, data mining and analysis, A/B testing, and multi-channel campaign measurement specifically for digital marketing campaigns.

Why choose OGI Technology consultants for managing your Digital Marketing Services?

  • 250+ loyal clients across a wide spectrum of industries
  • Well-experienced and skilled consultants well versed in the work of analysts, web designers/developers, PPC ad managers, and professional copywriters.
  • No long-term contracts, businesses are free to benefit and not
  • Ownership over deliverables, including website
  • Optimization of marketing costs with advanced analytics
  • Hassle-free marketing with no compromise on results
  • Detailed monthly reports
  • Specialized boosting of ROI with an effective business that crushes domain all the competition.
  • Unique methodology for making businesses gain in the market
  • Use of intelligent tools for boosting revenue and accurate business reporting
  • Integration of all marketing and sales data for effective mapping
  • Effective management of a business campaign right from the beginning with an effective team can change your business scenario.

Get your business found and noticed to increased Leads, Sales, and Revenue!

Let OGI's Digital Marketing team assist you in designing your online marketing strategy for attracting more qualified visitors later converting them into leads and sales. Contact us today itself and come to experience business domination over the web.