Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Every website visitor is hereby requested to read through our privacy statements that govern all information we have collected from them. OGI Technologies consultants have designed the following privacy policy for guiding users over their approach towards this website designated at

Revisions over Privacy Policy

Any changes related to privacy will be done without any prior notice but will be reported accordingly. The continued use of this website by website visitors will be considered as an affirmation of the revised Privacy Policy.

What we do with your information

As per the updated Privacy Policy marked with the date over the same, OGI Technologies Consultants caters opportunities for users to turn in their personally identifiable information. All this information thus collected by us will be used for contacting you to address your business requirements.

Following are the information we collect and how it is being used:

  • Demographic profiling

OGI collects personally identifiable information for assessing the demographics such as size, location, and business requirements of our audiences.

  • Registration Information

We incorporate registration information for the personalization of the site for each user. This enables us to display or otherwise cater content that we believe might interest clients as per their information. Making the site much more practical and useful, this approach enables practicality and usefulness.

Usage of Cookies

Aimed at record-keeping purposes, cookies are fragments of information that the website passes to each user's hard drive. Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to an individual's hard drive for record-keeping purposes. Allowing us for recognizing clients and information about them, cookies support us in our ability for meeting their business requirements every time they re-enter their website. OGI uses websites in the following ways:

  • Personalization of the website

For the registration information of clients, we incorporate cookies for the personalization of client experiences. By exhibiting such content, we believe to influence client interests as per their information.

  • Estimation of audience size

The unique cookies which we cater to user browsers help us in the determination of audience size and extend of repeated usage.

  • Visitor trends and pattern tracking

Such kind of information helps us in the effective improvement, updating, and revision of our website and service features. This also enables us in serving users with much more useful content and services.

  • Essential cookies

Catering users with services that are delivered through our website, essential cookies supports us in accessing and securing areas.

  • Performance and Functionality Cookies

Enhancing the performance and functionality of our site, such cookies are non-essential for their usage. Such cookies allow the availability of certain functions too.

  • Analytics Cookies

Garnering client information about how they use our website, analytics cookies also enables us for finding the pages they most prefer, searches they perform, and check whether clients receive error messages from visited web pages. These cookies are as per the web browser and are related to the personal client information we have.

  • Social Media

Personalizing client interaction with social media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and not limited among these too. Recognizing users from social media websites, such cookies also allow clients for quick sharing of contents across social media platforms with the simple use of sharing buttons.

  • Advertising Cookies

Collecting information about the usage of the website, such as cookies enables us to easily acknowledge pages each client visits, searches they perform, and the error messages they receive from visited web pages.

Associated with each client web browser, these cookies are linked to all niche of personal information we have already collected with the use of Google Analytics.

  • Third-Party Cookies

We hereby declare that we have no control over the usage of cookies by external third parties such as advertising networks. These cookies can be anything ranging from analytical, performance cookies, or targeting cookies.

Website users are hereby accepting how we use cookies under this privacy policy.

The majority of web browsers automatically accept cookies whereas it is up to clients in configuring browsing in refusing all cookies and notifying when a cookie should be sent or not.

Clients are free in accepting our authorization of the usage of cookies by disabling the same in the browser settings given that cookies from our website should not be placed on client computer systems or mobile devices. Clients can easily enable, disable or delete cookies by following the instructions that are given forward by their particular browsers which are usually located in Help, Tools, or edit Facility. We hereby notify that simply disabling cookies or categories of cookie from client browsers as the same should be done within their browsers.

Clients are also authorized in blocking cookies by activation of setting on their browser that allows them in preventing the setting of all or some cookies. But by doing so clients can block all cookies (including essential cookies) but also hinder themselves in accessing particular parts of our websites.

We will complete authorization in revising our Privacy Policy from time to time with changes such as due to the cookies we use or any operational, legal, or regulatory reasons. Every website visitor is hereby requested for revisiting our Privacy Policy from time to time to being informed over the usage of cookies and related technologies.

Personal Information Sharing

We hereby declare we do not share client information with any kind of the third party.

Information Security

We use industry best procedures for storing client information on secure computers located in well-protected data centers and hereby assure in giving full commitment for preventing any unauthorized access.

Children's Privacy

OGI Technologies website is intended for usage only by adult clients as per the business-oriented content of the Site. We do not foresee children or minors using and accessing this website. OGI Technologies will also attempt in seeking to obtain, storing, distributing, or using any niche of information that is related to children.