8 Business Analytics Trends

8 Business Analytics Trends

Over the decades, business data has proved the best of the primary tools at the disposal of innovative thinking business. But even now companies irrespective of their size are expecting for gaining better share over the market without the collection and analysis of business data. If one business does not commit to their data, their competitors will most probably overtake them with data-driven decision making. Comparing the sheer amount of data produced, collected, & processed and varied types of data subjected to analysis business analytical operations need to consider growing all the time. For over years, businesses were met with the evolution of newer challenges in businesses. This article is aimed at covering some of the most noted emerging business analytics trends that businesses should look forward to this year.

  • Extensive application of Artificial Intelligence

People and businesses initiated data collection into the course of business operations, making connections related to seemingly unrelated things and conclude these interconnections. As the amount of data needed to be processed and drive insights became hassle-filled without any software. Analytics operations are transforming to be unthinkable without the assistance of complex high-end software tools. This makes it possible for scanning huge amounts of data and finds a correlation among them. With quicker approaches in the next frontier, the amount of data generated is staggering. The common tools that come under these processes are simply underpowered to deal with in day-to-day operations. This of course proves the requirement of extensive application of Artificial Intelligence technologies.

  • Merging of reports with business intelligence

Reporting and business intelligence are two separate individual processes that pursue traditionally. Business reporting will have a minimum focus on a specific set of data over a specific period of time. This gives a better and clear picture of a particular process happening/currently happening. Dealing with extensive data interrelations, business intelligence uses multiple systems to collect information. The main purpose of business analytics is analyzing data and singling out trends. This can provide insights that can be used for improving the business situation. More and more companies are shifting their understanding of business intelligence & reporting. But moving further with the combination of these two as a single procedure with the assistance of newly emerging tools will always deliver positive results.

  • Automation

By the end of the 2020 year, more than 40 percent of data science operational tasks are shifting to fully automated and will not demand any kind of human interference. With the rising demand for high-quality, optimum-precision analytics growth, a lack of specialists over required business positions is forcing analytics companies to take newer approaches. This will also drive retaining and improvement of quality of output without hiring any extra workforce. Throughout 2020, businesses are expecting to convert many new tasks to automation for dealing with minimum experts with sufficient skills.

  • Affordability of predictive analytics

A wider range of businesses is getting benefited from artificial intelligence and machine learning as these technologies are becoming more pervasive and ubiquitous. The technology is more and more available for a wider range of businesses ranging from small to medium-sized companies. With increased AI-based solutions in a commercial application, businesses are choosing the implementation of Artificial Intelligence in its analytics. This will free businesses from the development of their own program but enable them to take advantage of a ready-made solution at a much reasonable price.

  • Data protection

With GDPR-regulations coming into effect, data prediction is a critical operation for businesses world-wide. Along with the usual problems of collection and processing of ever-increasing amounts of data, businesses are designing newer ways of dealing with this flow in ways that not only deliver valuable insights but also drive improvement of business operations, with compliance to all legal requirements and follow all criteria enlisted in GDPR.

  • Natural language processing

Analytics solution service providers are facing the requirement for developing newer types of interfaces that empower non-data experts for easy interaction with them. Businesses require dedicated data specialists for simplifying the extraction of the necessary information directly from the database. Natural language processing supports the generation of analytical queries with the use of simple language accessible to everyone. Further application of Natural Language Processing comes with enormous consequences, as it frees data scientists from diverse simpler jobs and guides them in focusing on core competencies.

  • Block-chain

Block-chain influences varied sections of IT and business intelligence with no kind of exception. The efficiency of analytics to a large extent depends on the degree of trust over the information it uses. In the coming years, block-chain technology will be used for ensuring the immutability of data across networks for multiple participants. Any change in the network will be proved useful for tracking any false reports and fake news.

  • Graph processing and databases

The trend of graphical representation is the best method for study and analysis of data in a way that how the majority of audiences will perceive. This allows for locating connections between transactions, organizations, and people much easier for most users. In the future, this will maximize the speed at which the business data can be processed, developing the groundwork for a much more complex and adaptive approaches against data science and its challenges.
Most of the business data analytics trends have been in effect and in the phase of development over the years. But these technologies are most probable to expand in the coming years of 2020. Experts are expecting a higher demand for value this year. Businesses and companies irrespective of their ROI, size, revenue, and geographical location can contact OGIT for business analytics service requirements of any degree and complexity. Ping us right away!